Moving / Relocation

Moving Contracts for Oklahoma State University System
1. University departments authorizing moving expenses for newly hired faculty and staff are required to use one of the approved contracted moving vendors EFFECTIVE AUGUST 1, 2016
  • Emrick’s Van & Storage (Allied)  -  Contract # OSUA&M-MOVE-000088-2017
  • Daryl Flood (Mayflower)  -  Contract # OSUA&M-MOVE-000089-2017 (E&I Contract CRN01257)
  • Armstrong Relocation (United)  -  Contract # OSUA&M-MOVE-000090-2017
  • A1-Freeman (North American)  -  Contract # OSUA&M-MOVE-000091-2017
2. These contracts are the result of solicitation #OSUA&M-RFP-000074-2016 conducted by the Purchasing Department
3. Departments, colleges and units of the A&M System shall contact one of the above listed contracted vendors to make arrangements for a binding estimate for a move or relocation. 
4. The department or unit may obtain quotes from more than one of the contracted vendors, but it is not required. 
5. Once a moving vendor has been selected:
a. The department will create a requisition in OK Corral and attach the quote or estimate. 
b. A purchase order will then be issued, once approved in OK Corral
6. The invoice received after the move shall be approved by the transferee and department and then uploaded into OK Corral for payment processing.
7. Using a contract vendor provides for binding estimates, contracted pricing, and more efficient processing of claims.
8. Contracts are available to the entire OSU / A&M system, including all University retirees, for on-campus department moves, and laboratory moves.
9. For employee moves, it is recommended that the department solicit quotations by using the quote form (click here then save the fillable quote form).
10. For your convenience, each company provides a home buying and selling service, and possible cash incentives (at user’s risk and not reimbursed by the University). Contact the companies directly for more information, details, and options.
11. Below is a summary of services provided under their respective contracts.
Emrick's Van & Storage (Allied)
A&M Contract # OSUA&M-MOVE-000088-2017
Matt Howell
Armstrong Relocation (United)
A&M Contract # OSUA&M-MOVE-000090-2017
Jacquelynn Hire (Primary) or Daniel Hire
405.947.8001 (Office)
405.684.7920 (Cell)
A1-Freeman (North American)
A&M Contract # OSUA&M-MOVE-000091-2017
Adam Nevitt
Daryl Flood Relocation & Logistics (Mayflower)
A&M Contract # OSUA&M-MOVE-000089-2017
E&I Contract: CRN01257
Megan Thomas and Kathy Cofer
844.365.OSUS (6787)