Fuel (Bulk) and Automated Fleet Fueling Management System

For the Oklahoma State University System and the Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical Colleges.
The following is a contract for a fully automated point of sale fleet fueling management system that was competitively bid by the State of Oklahoma Department of Central Services and has been awarded as a multiple award contract.
Purchases of $5,000 and less may be made on the Pcard. Any orders over $5,000 will need to be processed on a requisition through Purchasing prior to the purchase. The contract includes but shall not be limited to:
  • Gasoline, unleaded
  • Gasoline, plus grade
  • Gasoline, premium
  • Diesel Fuel
  • Ethanol E-85
  • Aviation Fuel
  • Marine Fuel
The items listed above are to be purchased at retail price minus excluded federal taxes.
State Contract Number: SW101
Period: The agreement period shall extend from November 1, 2013 through October 31, 2015 with the option to renew annually until October 31, 2018.
Questions regarding these contracts should be directed to OSU Purchasing Department, 405-744-5984, purchase@okstate.edu.
For Automated Fleet Fueling Management System go to SW101.