Executive Search

1. University Administration authorizing an executive search are required to use one of the approved contracted suppliers EFFECTIVE JUNE 5, 2017. Contract renews annually through June 30, 2022.
  • Academic Search, Inc. -  Contract # OSUA&M-CNSL-000285-2017
  • Parker Executive Search  -  Contract # OSUA&M-CNSL-000287-2017 
  • Buffkin/Baker  -  Contract # OSUA&M-CNSL-000286-2017
2. These contracts are the result of solicitation #OSUA&M-RFP-000142-2017 conducted by the Purchasing Department
3. Administration of the A&M System shall contact one of the above listed contracted suppliers to make arrangements for a cost estimate of the planned search. 
4. You may obtain quotes from more than one of the contracted suppliers, but it is not required. 
5. Fees, action plans, and summary of services are provided in the document links.
Supplier Academic Search, Inc Parker Executive Search Buffkin/Baker
Contract Number OSUA&M-CNSL-000285-2017 OSUA&M-CNSL-000287-2017 OSUA&M-CNSL-000286-2017
Contact Shawn Hartman Laurie C. Wilder Martin Baker
Phone (202) 332-4049 (770) 804-1996 Ext. 102 (336) 721-9100
Email smh@academic-search.com lwilder@parkersearch.com martin@buffkinbaker.com
Executive Summary Link Link Link
Action Plan Link Link Link
Fee Type Flat Fee Flat Fee Flat Fee
Fees Link Link Link